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Neues Video von Onheil - vom 20.12.2014, 15:31

Kategorie: Musik

 Die Holländischen Black/Thrasher Onheil veröffentlichen ein neues Video zum Song 'Storm Is Coming' vom gleichnamigen Album. Das animierte Video gibt es HIER zu sehen !

As the title hints, the most important lyrical theme of the album is the destructive force of extreme weather phenomena which is visualized in the animated video. The artwork was created by the GrimTwins Studios which then was animated by vocalist/guitarist Amok. He comments: “We always try to offer something extra with our artwork and music videos, to give a bit more insight in what the songs are about. Our album booklets are always full of artwork related to the songs, making our lyrical concepts more visual and hopefully spark the imagination of the listener. Now with this animated video we want to bring our songs even more to life!”

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