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Interview mit Andy Whale dem Drummer der Death-Metal Band Memoriam aus England

Foto: Andy Whale von Memoriam
Unser Sascha hatte die Gelegenheit mit Andy Whale von Memoriam ein Interview zu führen. Dabei wurde neben Bands, die ihn beeinflusst haben, auch seine Vergangenheit bei Bolt Thrower, seine Sicht zu Memoriam und sein Projekt Darkened beleuchtet.
Lest hier das in englischer Sprache verfasste Interview.

Sascha: Hello Andy, thanks for taking your time for this interview and how are you doing?
Andy Whale: I am very well at the moment...!
Sascha: 25 years passed since you left Bolt Thrower. Did you had any musical projects in the time before you came back with Memoriam?
Andy Whale: After i left Bolt Thrower i'd had enough of music if I'm honest. I did do a couple of bands but if i'm honest my heart wasn't in it, i suppose i was burnt out musically.
Then around 2013/14 i started to get the urge to start playing Drums again, but i wasn't sure if i could play to the standard of my days in Bolt Thrower, so Memoriam was a bit of an experiment in the early days!!
Sascha: What got you back into playing Death Metal?
Andy Whale: Well i suppose after Kiddie passed away in 2015, Karl and me met up for a beer, and got talking about doing something, which ended up being Memoriam, It wasnt really supposed long term, but it just ended up that way.
Sascha: What are your main influences and favorite bands that defined you as a musician and inspired you to do music?
Andy Whale: Old punk bands like the Damned/UK subs got me into music.
My parents let me buy a drum kit when i was 14, and like everyone i just started playing along to records.
Later bands like Discharge/Crass and Anti sect, got me into thinking about what was going on around me in the world.
Around 1983/84 i started listening to more metal, bands like Slayer/Venom and Bathory.
Bands that inspired as a DRUMMER would be Slayer and Discharge, i heard them and really liked the style.
Sascha: Aside of Memoriam you work in another All-Star-Project with members of "Funebrarum", "Excruciate" and "A Canorous Quintet" (just to name a few) called Darkened. How came this project to be?
Andy Whale: I've known Daryl (Funebrarum) for a while, and we'd talked about doing something..
Daryl had worked with Hempa before so he asked him if he fancied being part of the project.
Linus is a good friend of Hempa, and a great guitarist.
Hempa found a youtube video of Gord doing a cover, and loved his style of vocals, so asked him to join.... it took awhile to get everyone in place, but we aren't in a rush, we just do things at our own time.
Sascha: How it came you guys wanted to keep this project more in the underground since you work the labels Edged Circle Productions and Chaos Records?
Andy Whale: We wanted Darkened to be one of those bands you find by accident, or one of your mates recommends.... like in the old days.
We aren't doing it to make money.. it's just a bit of fun really, we also try different styles and ideas that maybe wouldn't work in our other bands....
Edged Circle released the CD.
Funeral Hymn Records released the Cassette.
Chaos records were supposed to release a 10" Vinyl, but if i'm honest i'm not sure that will ever be released...which is very frustrating!!!!
Sascha: What will the future hold for "Darkened"? Any chances for a full length?
Andy Whale: We are just getting to the end of the recording part of the Album. We hope to start Mixing and Mastering in the next few months.
Then Edged circle production will release mid 2020...
Sascha: How was "Darkened" received by fans and press?
Andy Whale: Very well, we've had some great review's and people have real?y liked it...
Sascha: After two albums with Memoriam and you leaving the band for a short in 2018 what made you reconsider to join the band again?
Andy Whale: I had a few family issues if im honest, and needed to take time off.
Sascha: Are there any chances for a fourth Memoriam album?
Andy Whale: Who knows....... we have live shows booked until sept 2020...then we will decide what we want to do!
Sascha: I often hear a lot of crying by fans about how much "Memoriam" isn't "Bolt Thrower". The intention wasn't just to create another Bolt Thrower but to continue doing music. Where is for you (as original Bolt Thrower member) the difference between both bands?
Andy Whale: When we started the band we always wanted Memoriam to be a band in its own right! And i think we've done that!
There are always going to be similarities, mainly because Karl and myself have been in both bands!
The difference between the two bands in my humble opinion is that Bolt thrower stuck to a musical style which worked and people love.
With Memoriam.. we are happy to try different styles and ideas.
You cant really compare the two bands really..
Bolt thrower have been around for 34 years, people grew up listening to them.
Memoriam have been around for 4 years, thats no time for a band, we never expected to just release an album and people like, it doesn't work like that!
Sascha: It seems younger fans seem to forget (or they simply don't care?) that you were also a part of "Bolt Thrower". How do you feel about that fans care more for the logo of a band as who is/was in?
Andy Whale: I've not been in Bolt Thrower for 25 years, i'm not surprised that people have forgotten the original members.... Thats life!
People who know the history of the band know... I'm fine with it!
Sascha: When you look back at "Bolt Thrower" in the past and the status the band has nowadays where do you see the biggest differences?
Andy Whale: Bolt Thrower started 34 years ago, and built up a dedicated following over that time (which is great).
Memoriam have been around for 4 years.
The biggest difference is apart from two members/ex members they are different bands.....
Sascha: Thank you once more for this interview Andy. Any last words?
Andy Whale: Cheers for the support....

Interview geführt , veröffentlicht // Sascha