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SADHAKA - Europatour im Mai/April 2013 - vom 15.03.2013, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

(cascadian Black metal from Olympia, WA United States)

Tour period:
April 26th to May 26th

we´re looking extremly for the beginning of the tour.
When you´re interested in setting up show contact us via sickmangettingsick@gmail.com

Featuring members of metal ritualists Fauna and dark folk band Vradiazei, Sadhaka create blackened metal informed by the wildness of Cascadia and the mystical tradition of the Vajrayana.
Their delicate and devastating songs recall Scandinavian pioneers Ulver and At The Gates,
as well as contemporary legends Neurosis. Their music is an offering to the ancient ones;
a vision of life expressing all that is felt, holding nothing back, and knowing in a deep and immediate way that all of existence is impermanent, sentient, and sacred.

April 26th Berlin/ north east germany
April 27thLeipzig (germany) @ Plaque
April 28th middle south germany
April 29th south germany/ austria
April 30th - Abtenau, Austria
May 1st - Bratislava, Austria
May 2nd - Vienna, Austria
May 3rd - Budapest, Hungary
May 4th - Timisoara, Romania
May 5th - Belgrade, Serbia
May 6th - Macedonia
May 7th - day off
May 8th - day off
May 9th - Patra, Greece
May 10th - Athens, Greece
May 11th - Thessaloniki, Greece
May 12th - Serbia (other city)
May 13th - Zagreb, Serbia
May 14th - Rijeka, Croatia
May 15th - Lubjiana, Estonia
May 16th - Bologna, Italy
May 17th - Bregenz, Austria
May 18th - Zurich, Switzerland
May 19th - Brussels, Belgium
May 20th - Gent, Belgium
May 21st - Cologne (or luxembourg, or Amsterdam)
May 22nd - Tilburg, Netherlands
May 23rd - Nijmegen, Netherlands
May 24th - Leiden, Netherlands
May 25th - Groningen, Netherlands
May 26th - Eindhoven, Netherlands


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