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DEATHMARCH streamen "Dismember" - vom 19.12.2017, 08:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Die holländischen Death Metaller Deathmarch haben ihre "Dismember" EP jetzt via Black Lion Records veröffentlicht.

Das Deaf Forever Magazin streamt die EP in voller Länge hier: https://www.deaf-forever.de/ep-stream-deathmarch

"Dismember walks a fine line of praising the greatness of swedeath while finding it’s own voice in an incredibly crowded subgenre" — Toilet Ov Hell

"The band sounds like a group that grew up loving old school death metal, because that's what this sounds like" — Metal Injection

" If you’re a fan of old schools death metal then you’ll be right at home with Deathmarch. It’s chock full of gutturals and delicious riffs....." — Metal Sucks

"A solid EP, one filled with plenty of nasty & aggressive death metal hooks" — GBHBL

"While thoroughly locked into the old school death metal vibe, Dismember still obliterates all in its path with frenetic energy and a focus on quality riffs" — Dead Rhetoric

"Five conflict-laden old-school beatdowns to leave you entombed with a whetted appetite for blood" — Overdrive Magazine


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