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DEATHEVOKATION "The Chalice of Ages" 2x12"-LP - vom 28.01.2015, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Vinyl version in 2-LP with gatefold cover of the only album from ‘07 by this US band containing all their recorded stuff from demo to their two split 7"EP’s. Already hailed as a cult album, perfect for lovers of good old Death Metal in the vein of DEMIGOD, BOLT THROWER, UNLEASHED, GOD MACABRE, ASPHYX...
500 copies pressed. Limited edition of 100 copies in red & orange wax exclusively available through the Xtreem Music mailorder and 400 on plain black wax.

-Side A-
01. Rites of Desecration
02. Acherontic Epitaph
03. The Monument
04. Embers of a Dying World

-Side B-
01. The Chalice of Ages
02. Infinity Blights the Flesh
03. Carrion
04. Chunks of Meat

-Side C-
01. As My Soul Gazes Skywards
02. Morpheus, Son of Hypnos
03. Darkened Domains

-Side B-
01. Intro
02. Embers of a Dying World
03. Embers Outro
04. The Monument
05. Blood
06. Outro

Buy directly here:
Limited Colour:
Limited Colour:
Also 2-CD available:


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