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Deadly Carnage im Studio zu Aufnahmen für 4. Album "Through the Void, Above the Suns" - vom 18.01.2017, 06:19

Kategorie: Musik

dcDie Italo Post-Black/Doom Metal Band Deadly Carnage sind im Studio zu Aufnahmen für ihr viertes Album. Nach einer Line-up Änderung ist jetzt Gitarrist Alexios als als Sänger am Werk. Die neue Scheibe wird "Through the Void, Above the Suns" heißen und ein Konzeptalbum werden.

Alexios zum Konzept: » Through the Void, Above the Suns" will be a concept album, surely, but it can be considered a sort of journey: i had a vision of the cosmos where all its components, from matter to the forces, from the light to the time, are characterized and humanized, they actually feel emotions and they try to describe these in each track dedicated to them. i imagined a journey where the listener the more follows the path, the more this path become vast, until he trascend his own dimension; in my vision we have a living, breathing universe. This new journey to the unknown has dragged us to a more sophisticated sound, sometimes melodic calm, sometimes dreamy, but abyssal and hypnotic also. It's an experiment, as always, we're travelling to something new, putting a lot of ourselves in the concept. This path, if in the past has dragged us inside the bowels of the earth and in the existentialism, now it leads us above, in a universal vision of all, halfway between science, phylosophy, spirituality, and occultism. Cosmos breathes, we are through streams of shine. «

1 – Quantum
2 – Matter
3 – Hyle
4 – Cosmi
5 – Lumis
6 – Ifene
7 – Fractlas
8 – Divide
9 – Entropia

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