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hobbs' angel of death - heaven bled
Hobbs' Angel of Death
Heaven Bled
Death Metal
8 / 10


Für dieses Review haben wir unseren Freund Cristhyano, gebürtiger Brasilianer, von den Londoner old school Deathern DECREPID als Gastschreiber gewinnen können. Also lest hier wie das Album in England/Brasilien aufgenommen wird…

So after 28 years of his 80s cult debut album release and 21 years after his less significant second effort, Peter Hobbs has, once again, raised from the dead as the Australian warrior beast that he is. Among so many periods of hiatus, one can't help being curious to know how Hobbs would sound like so many years later after his 80s debut album, heavily inspired by Slayer and under his flag of "Virgin Metal" as Hobbs defined how his style of music was.

Entitled HEAVEN BLED and released by Hell's Headbangers, the third album starts sounding not much as a classic Thrash album as expected, but a lot heavier blast beats captivate the first seconds, but slowly the album starts gradually fitting in the cult thrash category that made Hobbs name through the years. The occasional blast beat still lurks around though the album but it doesn't rob it from it's essential Thrash metal centered core. After all this years Hobbs voices remains very similar to his previous efforts, like an agonizing torturous chant from the past, he shows, quite clearly, his ancient influences in his music writing. Its a very well made, captivating, heavy, dirty metal album, for sure, far better than everything Slayer has conceived in the last 20 years. I would say its far from being a classic album, but fuck knows in 28 years time in the future. Its for sure a solid effort within the style Hobbs preached and played for the last 3 decades, but now days, with such a different scenario from the 80s, with internet and countless bands around, it remains to be seen if HEAVE BLED will stand out, longevity and experience are Hobbs advantage, now, success it's totally different ball pond.

Hobbs has what it takes with his new album, but if the metal world is prepare to embrace it, only time will tell, I do hope so.

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