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“Evil Over Europe” - vom 15.10.2016, 16:53

Kategorie: Musik

 “We present to you today one of the most extreme tours of the year! “Evil Over Europe” double headliner tour featuring POSSESSED, the godfathers of the death metal genre and BELPHEGOR, one of the most extreme line ups to ever come out of the death black metal scene. Blasphemy will ensue as joining these two titans will be America’s finest Black Metal Export ABSU!” Both BELPHEGOR and POSSESSED will be rotating each night playing 1 hour sets, do not miss this tour of legends!

Helmuth of Belphegor comments ”HAILS! BELPHEGOR will siege through Europe with full gear and artillery!! Be prepared Europe, do NOT miss these diabolical ceremonies.”

Jeff Becerra comments: "We look forward to spread Death Metal and blasphemy on this Evil Over Europe tour. These shows will be legendary."

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