Musik - DEICIDE auf Platz 1 der Torture Playlist im Irak
Wie die US Brutal Death Metaller DEICIDE in Erfahrung bringen konnten, wurden ihre zarten Töne genutzt um im Irak Gefangene zu "quälen". Neben Songs von EMINEM, METALLICA und AC/DC belegten DEICIDE den Platz Nummer 1 mit "Fuck Your God" vom 2004er SCARS OF THE CRUCIFIX Album. Hier... die Songs des Torture Playlist.

Lest hier die ganze Nachricht:
Gathered from evidence obtained through various reports, leaked interrogation logs and the accounts of soldiers and detainees, a list of the top 24 songs strategically used on military prisoners in Iraq was recently made public, according to Mother Jones Magazine's website.
Among a list of such musical luminaries as EMINEM, METALLICA and AC/DC (as well as non-luminary Barney The Dinosaur), was DEICIDE, coming in at number one with the song "Fuck Your God" from 2004's SCARS OF THE CRUCIFIX.
When word of this info first got to DEICIDE drummer, Steve Asheim, the only thing he could really say was "It's cool. If we're upto military standards of audio abuse, it makes me feel like DECIDE's doing our part for the troops." Of course this moment is not the only history that Asheim has with the armed forces. "My dad was a marine, as were my uncle and grandfather;" says the DEICIDE skinsman. "I didn't follow in their footsteps since I was so busy with the band thing, but I'm glad I was eventually able to contribute somehow."
Some of the tactical circumstances where prisoners may have heard "Fuck Your God" include sleep deprivation and interrogation disorientation. While some may see this information as a shock, other readers of the source article have taken a slightly different view of the situation. Commented one reader of the source article, "Honestly, the barney theme song is more disturbing than DEICIDE's F**k Your God."
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