Musik - "The Blackest Path" Fest am 08.10.2022 / Bandvorstellung Headliner "Schammasch"
 Die Schweizer Avantgarde-Black-Metaller Schammasch werden das "The Blackest Path" Fest headlinen. Zu dieser Ausnahmeband muss man nicht mehr viele Worte verlieren, wer auf Intellekt und geschwärzte Atmosphäre steht wird bei dieser Show vollends bedient. Genießt diese seltene spirituelle Messe!!!

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Our Headliner Schammasch absolutely needs no Introduction, still we'll be gladly giving praise to the Art they have put out since their debut 'Sic Lvceat Lvx' in 2010.
From the groundbreaking 'Contradiction'-Album (2014), to their monolithic Masterpiece 'Triangle' (2016), their more experimental 'Maldoror Chants'-EP (2017), and their latest Album 'Hearts of no Light' (2019) - the Swiss 5-piece have delivered incredible Music and Visuals time and time again.

Several European Tours and numerous Festival appearances have made them gain a big international following.

To see Schammasch live is - to many - an almost spiritual experience, and we could not be more happy to have them in Mainz for the first time !!!

Watch the Video for 'Ego Sum Omega':

Listen to 'Hearts of no Light' in full here:

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