Musik - Crypts of Despair veröffentlichen weiteren neuen Song
 Die Blackened Deather Crypts of Despair haben einen weiteren neuen Song vom bald erscheinenden neuen Album "All Light Swallowed" auf der Homepage vom Decibel Magazine veröffentlicht.

Checkt den neuen Song HIER!

"Crypts of Despair don’t narrow their approach to death metal into micro-genres. In their bloody hands, death metal is a vast canvas splattered with the viscera of numerous influences. They boast the discordant atmospherics of Ulcerate. You can hear the blackened blasphemy of Belphegor. Don’t forget the doomy primordial domination of Incantation. “Excruciating Weight” demonstrates all of those traits with its churning rhythms and downcast menace"
Exorzist am 15.04.2021, 19:24