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OPHICVS(USA) - "Machine Gun Reaper" CD (Austenitized Rec.) 8,-€
Machine Gun Reaper is the 3rd Full Length Black Heavy Metal assault from Ophicvs ! Prepare of a onslaught of cult black rock 'n' roll!!! ULTRA RECOMMENDED!!!!

SEGES FINDERE(Brazil) - "Warmastered by Deathkorps" Digipack CD (Elegy Rec.) 9,-€
Smashing through the front with merciless terror! War metal firing with absolute hatred and violence! CULT INTOLERANT GROTESQUE WAR BLACK METAL!!!!

LUSTRATION(Australia) - "Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus" CD (Forgotten Wisdom Prod.) 8,-€
Jesus Bethlemitus Maledictus is 7 tracks of Black/Death Metal audio terror! Crawling invocations dealing with occultism and atlantean subjetcs, on low poundings drums, gathering for chaotic and primitive Metal! CULT ALBUM!!!

DEUS IGNOTUS(Greece) - "Hexapterygon" CD-Digibook (III Damnation Prod.) 9,-€
Clocking only a bit over half an hour, this second full-length album from Greek duo Deus Ignotus is as short as brutal; a complete and utter devastation of senses from start to finish, an old-school brutal Occult Black Metal that takes influences from the massive War Metal scene, too!They are moving into fast pace patterns, their sound is brutal and dirty Black Metal that will remind you maybe of a more technical version of VON! ULTRA RECOMMENDED!!!!

BLACK INVOCATION(Brazil) - "Chaos - Triumph - A New Beginning" CD (
Abrasax Rec.) 8,-€
The debut album (including the first demo "BLACK INVOCATION" from 2001) from this great horde! KILLER Raw, Old School Black Metal Attack with direct riffs and aggressive vocals! For the true underground maniacs! GREAT!!!!

THROMOS(Germany) - "Vergessene Tiefen" CD (Necro Genocide Rec.) 8,-€
The new album from the GERMAN UNDERGROUND CULT HORDE!!!
Old School Satanic Occult Black Metal for fans of old Moonblood!!!

MALAFLAME(Italy) - "Cá del Diaol" CD (War Kommand Prod.) 8,-€
Fast, Old School Black Metal from Italy with the new Via Dolorosa singer!

KHEPHRA(Italy) - "I 9 volti del demonio" CD (War Kommand Prod.) 8,-€
Italian Cult BM- Band since 1993! The new album comes with 14 tracks - more as 60 minutes of PURE OLD SCHOOL BLACK METAL! GREAT!!!!!

MARIANA NANNIS(Argentina) - "Patagonia" CD (Slava Prod.) 8,-€
The death rides on the Patagonian wind! An ultimate compilation containing all the recordings by this BERSERKER BLACK METAL masters from the cold south of Argentina! Pure Patagonian Evil emerging from the depths of the glaciers. Morbid, lustful and filthy black metal with a crust/doom/punk veil for the followers of old Mortuary Drape, Root, old Heretic, old Samael & Hellhammer! A fist of fury in the face of the poser faggot scene of nowadays! METAL ARGENTINO! A total of 33 sordid tracks, two of which are previously unreleased, puked on exquisite gold-surfaced CD and comes with full-coloured cover, plus an A4 folded double-sided lyric sheet! Limited edition of 666 hand-numbered copies! ULTRA RECOMMENDED!!!!

TUDOR (Cze) - "Bloody Mary" CD (Slava Prod.) 8,-€
TUDOR’s 1992 classic opus is finally released on CD for the first time ever! The legendary black thrashers, TUDOR that together with MASTER’S HAMMER, TORR, ROOT and others created the Czech metal history. Those of you who missed out on the original pro-done tape from those days are now in luck to get the CD version with the addition of 2 bonus tracks! Full-coloured 8-page booklet w/ total different cover artwork/layout! GREAT OLD SCHOOL ATTACK!!!


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