Musik - ÆVANGELIST bei Debemur Morti Productions
 Debemur Morti Productions freuen sich bekannt zu geben, das man die Death Metal Band ÆVANGELIST unter Vertrag genommen hat. Die Band arbeitet zur Zeit an einem neuen Album. Zum Übergang könnt ihr euch zwei Track vom Erstlingsalbum "De Masticatione Mortuorum In Tumulis" anhören. Hier geht es zur Hörprobe

ÆVANGELIST formed at the bottom of the universe and gestated into a transcendent being, not of flesh and blood as you and I, but of aether and organic psychosis. These were the pale dreams which led us to formulate the Omen Ex Simulacra - the name of our covenant with the outer dark where no star has existed.

The labors of ÆVANGELIST are manifest in all things, and ÆVANGELIST can and does, as well, manifest as sound. Theophysical beings have a capacity to build bridges into a soul and transmit their will into consciousness in order to manipulate the flesh, and thus new mastery is achieved. All conception of reason is obliterated in the majesty of utter despair, and multitudes are united, if either in apathy, or defiance, or total surrender. No belief, therefore, is required for acceptance; consumption is total and incontestably ultimate.

You will know the ones who have heard the voice of ÆVANGELIST -- the abstract catharsis; you will know them by the emptiness in their souls, mirrored as a smile or the facade of innocence in sentient eyes.
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