Musik - Goregast neues Logo und neue EP
 Die Berliner Goregast gehen zurück zu ihren Roots und werden wieder mehr in Richtung Death Metal agieren. Ein neues Logo hat sich die Band zugelegt und gegen September soll eine neue 7" EP am Start sein.

After a more or less hard discussion we decided to change our band logo. We instructed Dedy (Badic Art) and we're more than happy with the result. The new logo fits 100% to the band and our current style to play Metal of Death. The last years we're gone more and more back to our own musically roots, back to the classic way of Death Metal. So let's walk this path together.

The Soundforge Studio in Berlin is booked for late May, as always with Andreas Hilbert as engineer. We'll record new songs for a upcoming 7“ EP which will be released around September by FDA Rekotz.
Exorzist am 13.04.2013, 07:03