Musik - Xtreem Records rereleasen ONIROPHAGUS` "Defiler of Hope" Cd
 Xtreem Music has reached an agreement with spanish Death/Doomsters ONIROPHAGUS for the inniment re-issue of their debut mini CD "Defiler of Hope" which was previously released on a limited run of 250 copies by the own band in early 2012. Due to big demand and towards the near release of the band's debut album also through Xtreem Music, this EP will be available again with the same songs and presentation to a wider audience.
Despite incorrect informations around (i.e., "Defiler of Hope" is not a full length album, but a 6-song EP whith a lengthy duration of over 34 min., displaying a fucking heavy and solemn brand of Dark Death/Doom for lovers of bands like DYING BRIDE, ASPHYX, PARADISE LOST, INCANTATION, EVOKEN, AUTOPSY, OPHIS, IMMOLATION...
ONIROPHAGUS added two new members since the recording of this EP namely Khrorum (bass) and Ghorth (guitars), completing a full live lineup and are near to finish the composition of their debut full length album "Prehuman" which will be recorded during May for a late-summer release.
"Defiler of Hope" will be released through Xtreem Music on April 1st. You can find more information about ONIROPHAGUS at the band's official Facebook: and also listen to a song from the EP on the following link:
Alucard am 13.03.2013, 07:15