Musik - Diabolical Teaser Online
Die Schwedischen Death Metaller Diabolical sind gerade dabei ihr f√ľntes Studioalbum Neogenesis fertig zu stellen und haben ein Teaser von den Aufnahmen Online gestellt.

Vocalist and guitarist Sverker Widgren comments: "The recording is well under way and the results are very pleasing so far to say the least. However, it will take a while before we can share any of the actual album material, so we figured we can share some of our demo / pre-production material with all of you out there. I think it will be obvious to everyone now why we are very thrilled about the new album and it is our hope that you can join us in the excitement."

Neogenesis Track Listing:

1. Into Oblivion
2. Metamorphosis
3. Oracle
4. Ex
5. World in Silence
6. Reincarnation of the Damned
7. Fields of Nihil
8. Dialogue with the Dead
9. Wolves' Choir
10. The Age to Come
11. Humanitas
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