Musik - Neues Album von Onheil !
 "Storm is coming" wird das neue Album von Onheil, den Niederländischen Black/Thrashern heißen. Die Jungs haben ihre Fans oder sonstige Kreativköpfe aufgefordert an ihrem neuen Artwork zur Scheibe mitzuarbeiten. Hier die komplette Nachricht der Band:

Dutch Blackened Metal masters ONHEIL are looking for graphic artists, photographers and other creative people to be part of the artwork creation for their next album 'Storm is coming'. Just as with their previous album 'Razor', the album booklet will be packed with a big amount of artwork and this time around ONHEIL also want their fans and other metalheads to be part of their project.

Instead of adding the lyrics ONHEIL shows the song's theme with imagery. "So we basically have about fifteen album covers!" singer/guitarist Amok explains. "We really want the listener to give their own interpretation of our songs and we believe images are much stronger for the imagination than lyrics."

There was some controversy around Onheil's last album 'Razor', initially giving problems getting the album released. The artwork was said to be “indecent, obscene, misogynic” and to be “glorifying violence and suicide”. But in the end ONHEIL was able to get the album pressed without changing anything to their CD-booklet. "When an artist creates artwork for us they have total freedom. Fuck censorship!" singer/guitarist Amok comments.

The band is currently working in the studio together with producers Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES) and Yuma van Eekelen (EXIVIOUS, ex-PESTILENCE) to record the follow-up to their underground classic 'Razor'. This new epos is set to be released by German metal specialists CYCLONE EMPIRE in the fall.

The artists that are interested to co-operate on this project are asked to send an email with their previous work or a portfolio to:

An image that shows the artwork of their last release 'Razor' can be found here:

A video of 'Nemesis' Light Fading', one of their best known tracks from their previous album 'Razor', can be found here:

A promotional photograph and a band logo can be found here:
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