Musik - DARK TRANQUILLITY: streamen komplettes Livekonzert
Die Melodic Death Metal Giganten DARK TRANQUILLITY streamen ihr komplettes Konzert aus dem Reggies Rock Club in Chicago! Über Underground Video Television könnt ihr euch den Livemitschnitt angucken:

The setlist for the show is as follows:

1. At the Point of Ignition
2. The Fatalist
3. Focus Shift
4. The Wonders At Your Feet
5. Final Resistance
6. Misery’s Crown
7. Punish My Heaven
8. Iridium
9. Shadow in Our Blood
10. The Lesser Faith
11. Dream Oblivion
12. Lethe
13. Lost To Apathy
14. There In Encore:
15. The Grandest Accusation
16. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
Runes In My Memory am 22.07.2010, 06:30