Musik - HYPOCRISY: geben Update zum neuen Album
hypocrisyHYPOCRISY Frontmann Peter Tägtgren meldete sich frisch aus dem Abyss Studios! 13 Songs wurden für das neue, noch unbetitelte Album kreiert und bereits im Januar wird Drummer Horgh die Aufnahmen durch seine Parts beenden!

>>There hasn't been too much going on for the past year or so, so it hasn't made sense to update... but now things are looking up. Bassist Mikael Hedlund came to the Abyss Studio the other day and between me and him we have 13 songs done, and Horgh will come to studio beginning of January and crack the drums on it. Just wanted to let you know that we still breathing. We´ll keep you updated from now on with the prossess of the making of the new album.<<
Runes In My Memory am 31.12.2008, 06:22