Musik - SINISTER: Aus nach 16 Jahren
Nach 16 Jahren löst sich die holländische Death-Metal-Combo SINISTER auf. Wie im offiziellen Statement der Band zu lesen ist kriegen die Jungs die Zeiten für die Band und den Job nicht mehr vereinbart. Allerdings wird Aad Kloosterwaard mit Rachel und Ron mit einer neuen Band Namens INFINITED HATE wieder auf den Plan treten
Hier das offizielle Statement der Band:
»After 16 years of serving,SINISTER is no more...............

It was a hard decision for me,Sinister was a way of life for me.
But sitting behind the drumkit for almost 20 years and having a fulltime job is hard for me to combine. Ofcours I would love to give up my job,because I hate going to work everyday, but that’s’ll probely know why.
First I was thinking doing vocals together with Rachel but that wasn’t an option…thinking of someone else behind the drums,no way! Also Ron is to busy, It was or Sinister or Infinited Hate….. It was a hard decision to quit SINISTER and drumming believe me.
I had a great time to record “Revel in bloodshed” The upcoming album of my new band INFINITED HATE together with Rachel and Ron. If you listen to Infinited Hate,you’ll hear Sinister. If you want to leave us a message or very soon a messageboard will be up and runnig...

Thanks to all the die hard SINISTER fans all over the World!!!!!!
We hope that INFINITED HATE will bring you as much as brutality as SINISTER!!!

AAD and Sinister«
UnDerTaker am 22.04.2004, 12:54