Musik - SPECTRAL WOUND kündigen neues Album „Songs Of Blood and Mire“ an
bildDie in Montreal, Québec ansässigen Black Metaller SPECTRAL WOUND haben ihr neues Album „Songs Of Blood and Mire“ angekündigt, das am 23. August über Profound Lore erscheinen soll. Mit dem Titel „Aristocratic Suicidal Black Metal“ haben SPECTRAL WOUND heute die erste Single veröffentlicht.

Checkt den neuen Song hier:

SPECTRAL WOUND play black metal. Furious and visceral, untrammelled by esoteric posture or grasping idealism. It is music for the poisoned, the futile, the debauched and profane. The blooming of a flower of corruption, torn by cold winds.

Following the raw early offering of "Terra Nullius" (Arcane Angels/Out of Season 2015) SPECTRAL WOUND continued their path of creeping, opulent decay and searing melody, weaving strands of Métal noir Québécois with the weft of the Scandinavian canon. Refining its sound over "Infernal Decadence" (Vendetta, 2018) and the towering, exultant melancholy of "A Diabolic Thirst" (Profound Lore, 2021), with "Songs Of Blood and Mire" (Profound Lore 2024) the band delivers an elegy of the void, seething with the venom and clamour of an ever-emptying world.

Track listing:

1. Fevers and Suffering
2. At Wine-Dark Midnight in Mouldering Halls
3. Aristocratic Suicidal Black Metal
4. The Horn Marauding
5. Less and Less Human, O Savage Spirit
6. A Coin Upon the Tongue
7. Twelve Moons in Hell
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