Musik - Revel in Flesh am Ende
revel in flesh 2012
revel in flesh 2012
Bei den deutschen Deathern Revel in Flesh haben nach langen internen Diskussionen Fabian, Magge und Henrik die Band verlassen. Somit steht Mastermind Ralf Hauber alleine da. Dies bedeutet auch, dass alle Live-Gigs abgesagt wurden und das 6. Album der Band nicht erscheinen wird.
Ralf legt jetzt erst mal RiF auf Eis und kümmert sich um seine angeschlagene Gesundheit.
Somit ist die lange und erfolgreiche Reise die Revel in Flesh 2011 begonnen haben erst mal beendet.

Lest hier das Statement von Ralf Hauber: » +++ Into a state of Slumber +++
Servants of the Deathkult,
Haubersson speaking:
The evolution of 2023 and a bunch of long-term conflicts within the band finally marked the end of the last known line-up.
Fabian, Magge and Henrik announced their departure from Revel in Flesh and the common firm that connected all four core members.
This line-up reached its interpersonal and creative end.
All further live appearances have been canceled and at the current stage the last remaining recordings of what should have been album No.6 won't be released as they were supposed to be.
Obviously because it would be nothing more than a compromise that no one really wants.
Of course this announcement will be a shocker to all supporters, but the music of the Revel in Flesh discography lives on.
And most of all your support will always be a part in a decent box of good memories.
Thanks from the bottom of the heart!!!
At the current stage I am the only remaining core member of the lineup.
We wanna thank session member Jonas for his contribution since 2021.
There are still a lot of mixed emotions, but parting ways offers new possibilities in life for all of us.
I wish well to everyone.
Revel in flesh will embark now into a sort of slumber status.
I need a break to get back to strength again (health issues) and to think about how the legacy of the Deathkult could develop or not.
Since we deal with DEATH METAL you never know when the corpses come back from the dead.
This page will remain active contributed by myself.
In the name of the flesh,
Haubersson / Revel in Flesh
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