Musik - ADVERSARIAL streamen neues Album Solitude with the Eternal
bildDas Warten ist vorbei. Nach 10 Jahren hat Kanadas atemberaubender, schlangenartiger Dreier ADERSARIAL endlich seinen neuesten Angriff losgelassen: Solitude with the Eternal.

Streamt das komplette Album hier:

Razor sharp. Slithering. Dual chasms yawn. A Janus-faced entity blinks, looking back and forward through the uncanny gloom. Dual tongues chase each other, slithering past cavities in the broken teeth. Licking against the neck, pulling more offal toward the trough. Each face has a black hole in the iris of each eye. As photons evaporate against the retina on the other side of the event horizon, memory fades. A new knowledge, imbued from the excrement of microorganisms trickles through the throaty slough. Yes, we’ve been here before. Yes, we’ll be here again.

The entity known as ADVERSARIAL has opened the portal to a timeless realm of suffocation and agony once more. As Leviathan doubles back on itself, sulfur rises from the point of crossing, a bouquet of putrid yolk. This foul chemical will sustain nigredo, as metal black as midnight is tempered under atom smashing might.
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