Musik - Spanische Doomster Golgotha veröffentlichen neues Album "Spreading The Wings Of Hope" am 14.6.2024; Neue Single online
golgotha%20album%20coverAm 14.6.2024 wird die Spanische Doom Band Golgotha ihr neues Album "Spreading The Wings Of Hope" via Ardua Music veröffentlichen. Zum antesten könnt ihr euch die neue Single "Human Vultures" unten anhören.

Golgotha Sänger María J. Lladó zum Song: » It's a song that reminds you that you must be on constant alert. That there are good people but there are very bad people who are able to benefit from someone who suffers from a setback in life, whatever it may be. And they do it by making you believe that they are your friends, but they are NOT. Since with their snake tongues they deceive you and take advantage of you.
The video reflects that darkness that actually surrounds those false people.We did it in a circle simulating that spiral of falsehood in which they live, and we wanted to give it a loaded environment to recreate all that evil. «

01. For Every Tear
02. Gilded Cage
03. A Solitary Soul
04. Hear Their Cries
05. Human Vultures
06. Closed Heart
07. Spreading The Wings Of Hope
08. Hope As Guide

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