Musik - US BM Band AKHLYS mit "Maze of Phobeto" einen zweiten Song vom kommenden Album "House of the Black Geminus"
album%20coverDie US Black Metaller AKHLYS haben mit "Maze of Phobeto" einen zweiten Song vom kommenden Album "House of the Black Geminus" veröffentlich. David Tomanek hat dem Song den passenden farblos finsteren visuellen Rahmen verliehen. Checkt den Song unten an.

Alcameth zum Song "Maze of Phobetor":
» I had initially devised a prototype for the primary opening riff while warming up at our practice hall before the other guys arrived for rehearsal. Interestingly, this is often how some of my best riffs begin: while warming up and casually playing around before rehearsals or gigs. I kept modifying this concept over time, again, before practices while awaiting everyone to arrive. I then came up with three variants, all present in the song, and then wrote the high guitar part over it once I tracked the other riffs at home. Now that I had this very dark and furious beginning, I understood the vibe of the track, and I developed it all based on this. I already had the conceptual themes in mind, in broad strokes at least, and I knew straight away this track would be the one centered around the figure of Phobetor and the symbol of the 'maze,' given its frantic and dreadful atmosphere. Eoghan wrote all of the drum parts, as usual, but also the bass lines. Nox joined us on the recording for this album and tracked all of the leads I had written, which gave everything a nice sharp edge, as his speed picking is quite impressive. «

Mit "House of the Black Geminus" werden die US Black Metaller AKHLYS am 5.7.2024 via Debemur Morti ihr 4. Album veröffentlichen. Der Nachfolger der 2020er Scheibe "Melinoë" wird sechs neue Songs enthalten.
Agostino Arrivabene und Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal waren für das Artwork und Yurii Kazarian von Into the Abyss Design war für das Layout zuständig. Aufgenommen wurde in den Promethean Forge Studios von März 2022 bis Januar 2024.

01. The Mask of Night-speaking
02. Maze of Phobetor
03. Through the Abyssal Door
04. Black Geminus
05. Sister Silence, Brother Sleep
06. Eye of the Daemon - Daemon I

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