Musik - SOULSELLER RECORDS – Neuveröffentlichungen / Albumankündigungen – HORNED ALMIGHTY und STEINRAS
bildSoulseller Records gibt stolz zwei Neuzugänge zu seinem ständig wachsenden Label-Kader bekannt:

Dänemarks renommierte Black Metaller HORNED ALMIGHTY und ein Debüt-Black Metal-Projekt aus Norwegen namens STEINRAS!

Weitere Infos und Albumdetails (beide erscheinen am 5. Juli 2024), erste Singles und Vorbestellmöglichkeiten folgen am 23. Mai.

HORNED ALMIGHTY : Rising from the ashes of the past, HORNED ALMIGHTY returns in 2024 with their seventh studio album and strongest yet to date! Revisiting the fires of darkness, which initially gave birth to the creation of HORNED ALMIGHTY, "Contagion Zero" is Black Metal immaculate! From dissonant looming darkness, to frenzied aggression and everything in between, the album slithers, tramples, twists and turns through almost forty minutes of intense Black Metal, firmly rooted in tradition.

STEINRAS : Many years in the making, the Black Metal project by Steinar Aven and Arne Gandrud is now materialized in stone with their self-titled debut album. Not just a project, but an amazing and unique journey through the sound and landscapes of Norway. With vocal support of nothing but legends of the scene this has turned into a diamond for the black-hearted.
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