Musik - SEVERE TORTURE veröffentlichen dritte Single 'The Pinnacle of Suffering'
bildDie niederländischen Brutal Deather SEVERE TORTURE hauen ihre dritte Single The Pinnacle of Suffering vom kommenden Album Torn From The Jaws of Death raus. Checkt die neue Singel hier an:

Navigate through the carnage, seasoned seekers of the unrelenting extremities, as Season of Mist heralds the monstrous return of death metal behemoths SEVERE TORTURE with their latest aural onslaught, The Pinnacle of Suffering. Serving as the harbinger of their much-anticipated album, Torn from the Jaws of Death, this new single encapsulates the relentless spirit and vicious might of a band unyielding in their quest to sculpt soundtracks for the macabre.

Emerging from the depths with all the subtlety of a warhammer upon bone, SEVERE TORTURE immortalizes their two-decade-long crusade to forge the purest, most ferocious strains of the genre. Captured in the grim embrace of Torture Compound Studios and honed to diabolic perfection by the fiendish expertise of Mendel bij de Leij, this is death metal in its most primal and unfiltered state.
Exorzist am 07.05.2024, 20:34