Musik - ANCST enthüllen erste Single vom neuen Album „Culture of Brutality“
bildDie Tage werden gezählt: „Armed With Despise“ wird die einzige Vorabveröffentlichung sein, bevor das neue ANCST-Album „Culture Of Brutality“ am 3. Mai über Yenohala Tapes/Lifeforce Records erscheint.

Checkt die neue Single hier an:

With 12 years of mayhem under their belt, Ancst returns to the basics on their 4th album “culture of brutality”. While their last effort “Zorn” took them into trve black metal territory, “culture of brutality” strips that away and sucker punches you right in the throat with its very own brand of grindcore and death metal infused metallic HC, with pieces of crust, scramz and sludge thrown into the mix. 20 songs, delivered in under 34 minutes about gentrification, wage slavery & capitalism, sexism, mental health and the issues of modern western society. if its rage that you wanted, “culture of brutality” will deliver.

As the previous albums "culture of brutality" is again a split label release between the band's own label Yenohala Tapes and Lifeforce Records.

ANCST on tour:
26.04. - Rosenkeller, Jena, Germany
27.04. - Emil, Zittau, Germany
04.05. - Neue Zukunft, Berlin, Germany
08.05. - Goldgrube, Kassel, Germany
09.05. - Zeckentempel, Leipzig, Germany
10.05. - Immerhin, Würzburg, Germany
11.05. - AK40, Suhl, Germany
14.05. - EKH, Wien, Austria
15.05. - Dopamin, Budapest, Hungary
16.05. - AKC Attack, Zagreb, Croatia
17.05. - Astro Club, Fontanafredda, Italy
18.05. - Live Stage, Innsbruck, Austria
19.05. - Rössli Bar, Bern, Switzerland
21.05. - Ebrietas, Zürich, Switzerland
22.05. - Juha West, Stuttgart, Germany
23.05. - P8, Karlsruhe, Germany
24.05. - Halle am Rhein, Köln, Germany
25.05. - B58, Braunschweig, Germany
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