Musik - Spanische brutal Deather CHRIST DENIED veröffentlichen 3. Album "Christopsy" am 21.05.2024 via Xtreem Music
album%20coverNach 30 Jahren Bandgeschichte wird die spanische Brutal Death Metal Combo CHRIST DENIED ihr 3. Studioalbum "Christopsy" am 21.05.2024 via Xtreem Music veröffentlichen.
Den Schädelspalter "Scream Bloody Blasphemy" könnt ihr euch unten schon mal anhören.

» CHRIST DENIED, Spain's esteemed Brutal Death Metal ensemble, commemorates its 30th anniversary with their third studio album, "Christopsy". This pivotal release marks the band's inaugural venture with a live drummer, intensifying their renowned brutality. Originating in early 1994, co-founded by Dave Rotten of AVULSED fame and David Nigger, formerly of INTOXICATION, the band quickly made a mark with their debut demo "Thy Horned God." Following a string of impactful releases and a period of dormancy, the band rejuvenated with Roger B. from INFECTED FLESH replacing David Nigger, culminating in the 2013 release of "Cancer Eradication." Having graced stages in Spain, the Czech Republic, and Germany, the band, with Fabio Grinder on drums, embarked on recording "Christopsy" between 2021 and 2023. This album, adorned with art by Daemorph Art, pays homage to CRYPTOPSY, reflecting a significant influence on the band from the outset.«

1. Scream Bloody Blasphemy
2. Fake Deity
3. A Blinding Light?
4. Take, Eat; This is My Body
5. Why Call Him God?
6. Voracious Disciples
7. Starving Acolytes
8. Oozing Blood Nails
9. Liar's Meat Aftertaste
10. Mutant Christ (Cryptopsy Cover)

Dave Rotten – Vocals
Roger B. – Guitars/Bass
Fabio Grinder – Drums
Rober B. – Bass (Live Session)

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