Musik - US Black Metal Debütanten Hellish Torment veröffentlichen Debutalbum am 26.4.2024; Video online
coverHellish Torment ist eine neue Black Metal Band aus den USA und wird am 26.4.2024 ihr Debütalbum. Den Song "Demons Of The Cold" der Combo aus Michigan könnt ihr euch mit Video unten reinziehen.

» Hellish Torment is a black metal band from Grand Rapids Michigan (also known as Beer City USA) that was formed in 2016 is finally getting things together after a long wait. Through many struggles such as dealing with noise complaints, finding band members in a city where many people frown upon black metal, and a global pandemic putting a serious halt on things, Hellish Torment is finally ready to make it's debut for the world to hear. Guitar riffs are heavily influenced by thrash and old-school black metal while complimented with guitar solos heavily inspired from melodic death metal and power metal bands. And then there is a powerful drummer driving the rhythm through this rollercoaster of sound. Hellish Torment is currently looking for a new bass player but the bass is getting taken care of on the album by their singer/guitarist. Members of this band include Tom "The Soulbutcher" Gillis on vocals and guitars. Mike "Evil Oehmen" on drums. And Patrick "Dragginballs" McCarty on guitar. Hellish Torment is ready to unleash it's form of black metal onto the world. «

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