Musik - NOCTURNUS AD verkünden neues Album "Unicursal"
bildDie in Tampa, Florida ansässigen Sci-Fi-Death-Metal-Ikonen NOCTURNUS AD haben ihr neues Album „Unicursal“ angekündigt, das am 17. Mai über Profound Lore Records erscheinen soll. Mit dem Track „CephaloGod“ haben NOCTURNUS AD die erste Single veröffentlicht. Der Song wird zusammen mit einem brandneuen Musikvideo veröffentlicht.

Schaut euch das neue Video hier an:

"The first single is called CephaloGod and its a song about Cthulhu being awakened from his ancient slumber by his followers when the right stars aligned and opened a portal for him to travel through it to take over the Earth," Mike Browning comments. "The video was done by Wizardhead, his unique style of video producing was the perfect fit to make a video for a Lovecraftian concept like this song has."

01. Intro
02. The Ascension Throne of Osiris
03. CephaloGod
04. Mesolithic
05. Organism 46B
06. Mission Malkuth
07. Yesod, The Dark Side of The Moon
08. Hod, The Stellar Light
09. Netzach, The Fire of Victory
10. Outro
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