Musik - Blaze of Perdition veröffentlichen „Upharsin“ im April
bildAls Vorreiter der polnischen Black-Metal-Bewegung kehren BLAZE OF PERDITION 2024 mit ihrem sechsten Album „Upharsin“ zurück, das am 19. April über Metal Blade Records erscheinen soll.

Ein Schritt zurück von der etwas ungewöhnlichen Richtung, die die Band auf ihrem vorherigen Album – The Harrowing Of Hearts aus dem Jahr 2020 – eingeschlagen hat, nimmt Upharsin einen dunklen und pessimistischen Ton an, der sich in seiner entsprechend bedrückenden Musik widerspiegelt. Eindringliche und melancholische Melodien, die im traditionellen Black Metal verwurzelt sind, treffen auf unversöhnliche Blastbeats und feierliche Märsche, während der emotionale und dennoch wilde Gesang darauf abzielt, ein angemessenes Gefühl von Wut und Ekel zu vermitteln.

"With Upharsin, we aimed to open the wounds of humanity as a collective," the band notes. "The album reflects on how humans tend to gravitate towards conflict and strife. How religions and politics as well as other aspects of our everyday life are tainted and driven by our lower instincts as we willingly refuse to learn from our own history, as we choose to ignore and neglect the shadow aspect of our psychic reality, which in turn takes us further and further in the everlasting cycle of violence. It's probably the most realistic concept we've taken on, with noticeably less spiritual leanings and a much more grounded approach."

Opening track and first single, "W Kwiecie Rozłamu" (English translation: "In Rupture's Prime") hits hard from the very first second. "We wanted to begin the album with something striking and punishing, hence why there is no intro to set the mood first. However, most of our songs rarely keep the same mood for the entire duration and this one is no different. It's probably the most varied composition on Upharsin and what starts with fury and flames, soon transcends into a somewhat sludgy, almost psychedelic abyss to shift once again into fiery blast-driven inferno. Lyrically, it talks about our struggle to keep up with the pace and temptations of our collective, destructive nature. To understand, accept and learn from it instead of suppressing it and allowing it to expand."

Streamt BLAZE OF PERDITION's "W Kwiecie Rozłamu" hier:

Upharsin Track Listing:
01. W kwiecie rozłamu
02. Przez rany
03. Niezmywalne
04. Architekt
05. Młot, miecz i bat
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