Musik - Diocletian neues Album “Inexorable Nexus”
bildDie neuseeländischen WAR Death Monster von Diocletian bringen im Sommer ihr neues Album “Inexorable Nexus” über Nuclear War Now! Productions heraus.

Die Boys aus Auckland haben jetzt den neuen Song "Nexian March" Online gestellt. Das Massaker könnt ihr euch hier anhören:

Debuting on NWN! Productions after six years in the making, the upcoming album “Inexorable Nexus” represents a convergence of power and influence wielded by the nihilistic might of Diocletian in the underground over the last twenty years. The album brings to the forefront their masterful combination of Black, Speed, Grind, Doom, and Death, wreaking havoc and bringing Total War and Total Death upon the listener.
The song “Nexian March” spearheads the next campaign of Aural Warfare, featuring none other than the legendary underground Black Metal guitarist, Caller Of The Storms of Blasphemy infamy. From the opening salvo, Storms’ distinct style leads the charge with his trademark solo axe assault. Caller of The Storms makes a guest solo appearance on two songs on “Inexorable Nexus.” This is a powerful statement in itself after thirty odd years of recording silence. If that wasn’t cult enough, the mastermind behind Conqueror and Death Worship, Ryan Förster, once again contributes to the sonic violence of these Doom Cultists, co-writing another song titled “Global Slave Enigma.”
This is the war praxis of dominating underground forces and the unstoppable convergence of Will, leading to the inevitable outcome, which is the new album “Inexorable Nexus.” Chaos reigns. Destroy all with all!

“Inexorable Nexus” conveys an unbreakable or relentless connection between powerful, dominating forces or entities, signifying an unstoppable convergence leading to a particular outcome or state.
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