Musik - HIRAES verkünden neues Album “Dormant”
bildDie deutsche Melodic-Death-Metal-Formation HIRAES – bestehend aus ehemaligen Mitgliedern von DAWN OF DISEASE und CRITICAL MESS – wird das neue Jahr mit der Veröffentlichung ihres zweiten Studioalbums mit dem Titel Dormant voller Elan eröffnen! Das neue Album soll am 26. Januar 2024 über Napalm Records erscheinen.

The band comments about the track and video:
“In a way, the video is a continuation of our first single, ‘Under Fire’, from the last album. It’s dedicated to a storm and its indomitable energy. Experience this debut single and join us as we navigate ‘Through The Storm’ together!“

The band adds:
“We are far beyond proud to present our second album Dormant to you! The album will grab you with its intensity from the first second on and won't let you go. We invested a lot of energy, dedication and passion to create this monumental and melancholic piece of melodic death metal. Having played countless shows over the last two years, Dormant captures the energy of HIRAES’ live performances and places the songs right between heart and gut.

Once again, none other than the talented staff of Fascination Street Studios under the direction of Jens Bogren are responsible for the refinement of our sound. We are so much looking forward to unleashing Dormant upon all those metalheads out there!“

Checkt hier das Video zum neuen Song “Through The Storm”

Dormant track listing:
1. Through The Storm
2. We Owe No One
3. Undercurrent
4. Chance To Fail
5. About Lies
6. Come Alive
7. Ocean Child
8. Nightflight
9. Red Soil
10. Dormant
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