Musik - Artwork zum kommenden Album 'Beyond the Palest Star' von Vorga
bildVorga sind stolz, endlich das vollständige Artwork für ihr kommendes Album „Beyond the Palest Star“ zu enthüllen. Das Artwork stammt erneut von Adam Burke der fantastischen Nightjar-Kunst.

Den neuen Song 'Tragic Humanity' könnt ihr antesten:

Band's statement - "The intention with this record was to capture more of the expansive loneliness of the cosmos and to bring more atmosphere into the music while retaining the same feelings of desperation and aggression heard in the previous record. A more cinematic experience that pushes harder into the minds eye. While the record does reflect on a number of different themes from suicidal depression, religion or the state of the world we live in, Beyond the Palest star is ultimately a record about the loneliness everyone feels inside their own head and what that feels like reflected against the backdrop of our desperate and broken world."
Exorzist am 09.11.2023, 20:25