Musik - SHYLMAGOGHNAR zeigen Musikvideo zur neuen Albumsingle „Infinion“!
bildDiesen Freitag, am 10. November 2023, feiert SHYLMAGOGHNAR die Veröffentlichung seines dritten, von der Kritik gefeierten Studioalbums „Convergence“ über Napalm Records. Nachdem der atmosphärische Ein-Mann-Black-Metal-Act die Hörer mit den zuvor veröffentlichten Singles „Follow The River“ und „The Sea“ begeisterte, hat Multiinstrumentalist und Gründungsbandmitglied Nimblkorg heute ein Musikvideo zu „Infinion“ veröffentlicht!

He comments: "For those who make it beyond the veil awaits Infinion. The crossroads of all that is and all that will never be. Weary traveler, welcome back.
Only three more days until the full release of Convergence! Let's celebrate with a third and final music video release: Infinion. This is the first full music video that I've made by myself. Enjoy the trip.
I also wish to thank you all again for the beautiful response that the first singles of the album have already been receiving, and for sharing your own experiences with these themes. This album is extremely personal to me and I feel honored to have you all partake in this journey.

Warm regards, Nim"

Checkt das neue Video hier an:

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