Musik - HENGET streamen 'Beyond North Star'
 Die Psychedelic/avant-garde Black Metaller HENGET streamen ihr Debutalbum "Beyond North Star" kurz vor der Veröffetlichung. Das Debut erscheint am 19.Mai über Season of Mist.

Zum Stream geht es HIER!

HENGET comment on the stream: "Here it is then, the full album stream of our debut album ”Beyond North Star”. It has been artistically and spiritually really intense and exciting journey from the moment of inception to this day. We hope that something from all of this will be transferred to you as well with the complete album. Let the walls between the realities crumble and may the metaphysical North Star descend upon our foreheads.

1. Dive (4:35)
2. I Am Them (4:01)
3. Henkivallat (4:31)
4. The Great Spiral (5:52)
5. Beyond North Star (5:19)
6. Lovi (5:09)
7. Nouse (3:52)
8. The Chalice of Life and Death(4:23)
Total: 37:42
Exorzist am 16.05.2023, 20:27