Musik - Neues Album von PURTENANCE im Juli, erster Song veröffentlicht.
 Die legendären finnischen Deathmetaller PURTENANCE haben gerade Einzelheiten zu ihrem vierten Album mit dem Titel „The Rot Within Us“ bekannt gegeben, das am 11. Juli 2023 über Xtreem Music auf CD, 12-Zoll-LP, Kassette und digital veröffentlicht wird

PURTENANCE returns with their fifth album after their previous album from 2020 "Buried Incarnation" where they did it as a quartet with the incorporation of Aabeg Gautam (from the Nepalese DYING OUT FLAME) on bass and vocals. "The Rot Within Us" is an opus with 8 cuts that continue their already traditional style of heavy and gloomy Death Metal from the old Finnish school for what they are known since their formation in 1989. The cover art has been made, once again, by Chris Moyen who has been in charge of every of their cover artworks since their classic debut album from '92 "Member of Immortal Damnation".

Tracklist for "The Rot Within Us" is as follows:

1. Mournful Echoes
2. Transitory Soul of the Righteous
3. Unseen Sphere of Realities
4. Mystic Sacrifice
5. Solemn Presence of Death
6. An Invisible Master
7. Fate's Fearful Gesture
8. Nekromantik Spiritualism

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