Musik - Schwedens Death Metaller DEATH REICH enthüllen die neue Single „Oblivion“!
 Die schwedischen Death Metaller DEATH REICH haben ihr Debütalbum „Disharmony“ über Non Serviam Records veröffentlicht. Um das Ereignis zu feiern, hat die Band die neue Single „Oblivion“ Online gestellt.

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“‘Oblivion’ is a song about being consumed by your own hatred, focusing on everything that’s wrong with the world while feeling powerless. The bitterness that follows the endless thoughts of a fast-approaching apocalypse makes you forget who you are and suddenly you are old and have completely wasted your life worrying instead of living,” comments the band founded by Jonas Blom (Runemagick, ex- Sacramentum, Trident, Grief Of Emerald and One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) in 2018.
Exorzist am 18.03.2023, 13:36