Musik - Black Metaller DRUDKH bringen neues Album "All Belong to the Night" am 11.11.2022; Song "November" online
album%20coverDie ukrainischen Black Metaller DRUDKH bringen ihr neues Album "All Belong to the Night" am 11.11.2022 via Season of Mist. Als Vorgeschmack wurde nun der zweite Song mit dem Titel "November" zum antesten online gestellt. Im Februar wurde bereits der Titelsong "All Belong to the Night" hier... veröffentlicht.

» “November” is the third movement in the album, and DRUDKH marries their raging heart with sections of a doomy, yet whimsical nature, vaguely reminiscent of something My Dying Bride might do. As with the rest of the album, DRUDKH is melding a plethora of moods and textures into their sound. As is their nature, they defy categorization, making art that is as timeless as the strife and romanticism of the Ukrainian people. All Belong To The Night belongs to everyone who fights invading forces, be they tangible or otherwise, because somewhere in all of our histories our ancestors had to unite before struggle and woe, and it is this which shapes us as people. DRUDKH will therefore always resonate, long after the algorithms direct our collective attention elsewhere. «

1. The Nocturnal One/ Нічний (10.23)
2. Windmills/ Нічний (11.30)
3. November/ Листопад (8.25)
4. Till We Become the Haze/ Поки Зникнем у Млі (15.32)

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UnDerTaker am 12.09.2022, 08:33