Musik - Svart Crown lösen sich auf!
 Die Blackened Deather von Svart Crown haben bekannt gegeben, dass sie sich nach ihrer Show auf dem Hellfest am 26.Juni auflösen werden. Lest hier das Statement der Band:

Hello everyone, we made the decision some time ago to stop the adventure with Svart Crown.
The show at Hellfest this June 26th will be our last one.
Even if this announcement looks surprising just after the release of our Ep "Les terres brulées", it is a decision that has been carefully considered and the healthiest possible.
For those who wanted to know the reason of this split, here is the press release from JB Le Bail (leader and mastermind of the band since the begining)
“It's with a lot of emotion, but peacefully that I write these few words to announce that we are stopping the Svart Crown adventure after Hellfest 2022.
The show of Sunday, June 26 will be our last one and we are deeply sorry for those who wanted to see the band for the last time.
The flame that has fueled this band for nearly 18 years is no longer there anymore, and it is impossible for me to continue without this strength.
I am extremely proud of the path we've done and everything we have accomplished both artistically and humanly.
We were able to travel around the world playing our music, sharing our passion, fulfilling our childhood dreams by opening for our favorite bands.
And this has no price.
Without this flame, everything becomes way too difficult and it would be dishonest towards myself, but also the public, to continue for the wrong reasons.
New challenges are awaiting for everyone of us, and I am really excited about the future.
I wanted to thank all the band's members who gave a piece of their life for this project (and there are so many of them): Clément, Rémi, Zaki, Ranko, Julien, Ludo, Kevin Paradis, Kevin Verlay, Gael, Kenny, JM, Gorgor, Sean, Christophe and Nico.
But also all the partners and technicians who believed in us during all those years: Romain Monereau (The Link Prod), Tryf, Francis Caste , Stefan Thanneur, Dehn Sora, Greg, Rooms, Manu Pestre, Laurent (Listenable), Gérald (Ladlo), Edouard (Rupture Music), Philippe (Century Media), Vadim (Flaming Art), Mariuzs (Massive Music)...
Thank you all for all these years.
Thank you for your strength.
Open your heart, before it dies.
JB & Svart Crown"
Exorzist am 22.06.2022, 19:54