Musik - KAMPFAR veröffentlichen dritte Single "Fandens Trall"
 Kampfar haben ihre dritte Single "Fandens Trall" veröffentlicht, der Song stammt von ihrem kommenden neuen Album Til Klovers Takt.

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Before black metal, before heavy metal, rock and delta blues, the Devil still made you dance.
Up in Hallingdal one would find him hidden in the shadows, fiddle in hand and keeping the beat with his horse's hoof.

Did you think you would ever stop dancing?
By his mercy you would know.

With Kampfar's ninth studio album everything is about our roots. Our roots come out of the Devil's music, which we honour with this song, and with the title of the album, Til Klovers Takt. You will dance to the beat of the cloven hoof.
Exorzist am 04.05.2022, 20:29