Musik - VREID und SÓLSTAFIR kündigen gemeinsames Streamkonzert ‘ACROSS’ an (15.10.2021)
 SÓLSTAFIR und VREID haben sich für ein spektakuläres Event zusammengeschlossen. Am 15.10.2021 sind sie in "ACROSS" zu sehen, einem gemeinsamen Konzertstream beider Truppen.
Das Ganze kann man sich kostenlos ansehen, darf aber auch gerne was spenden (VIPS/PayPal).
Mitglieder beider Bands werden auch im Chat anwesend sein

Streamingtime is 3:00 P.M. EST // 19:00 GMT // 21:00 CET via Season of Mist YouTube Channel:

The ACROSS project is a cinematic experience that brings two unique artists together to share their cultural identities and bridge the sea between the two fjords. Spectacular views of the Storehogen Mountain in VREID’s hometown of Sogndal, Norway and of Hellisheiði in SÓLSTAFIR’s native Iceland lay the majestic backdrop for this one-of-a-kind, 90-minute long digital streaming event. Each band’s signature sound rings through the cavernous expanse, creating a symbiotic musical dialog that can be heard from across the globe.

SÓLSTAFIR’s Aðalbjörn Tryggvason kommentiert: “Playing live music in sideways rain on moss grown lava. They wanted something Icelandic. Doesn’t get any more Icelandic than this.”

VREID Songwriter und Bassist Jarle Kvåle: “SÓLSTAFIR’s and VREID’s stories are two parallel stories of the north. In this weird world, our paths have crossed on several occasions and this time they have merged into something new. This is the third streaming event VREID has done, and in many ways, it represents the end of a trilogy for us. This time we have recorded the show in a place very special for us, probably the most monumental and iconic place of our beloved home region of Sogn. Join us as we go ‘Into the Mountains.’”
Alucard am 09.10.2021, 11:26