Musik - NOCTURNAL GRAVES veröffentlichen neuen Song vom kommenden Album!
 Die Blackened Deather NOCTURNAL GRAVES haben den ersten neuen Song "Command for Conflict" vom kommenden neuen Album "An Outlaw's Stand" veröffentlicht. Das neue Album soll am 7.Januar 2022 via Season of Mist erscheinen.

Den neuen Song / Video könnt ihr HIER antesten.

NOCTURNAL GRAVES comment on the video: "As the world sinks evermore rapidly into the mouth of Hell, we present 'Command for Conflict.' This track stands as a testament to those ready to stand up and conquer what lay in their respective paths. A call to arms, a celebration of the spirit of rebellion, of sovereignty and the will to rise above the mass of subservient swine..."

1. Death to Pigs (5:30)
2. Command For Conflict (4:32) (WATCH)
3. Ruthless Fight (3:46)
4. Across the Acheron (4:05)
5. No Mercy For Weakness (4:01)
6. Law of the Blade (5:13)
7. Beyond the Flesh (4:56)
8. An Outlaw’s Stand (4:28)
Total: 36:31
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