Musik - STHENO: No Clean Singing streamt "Fire!"
 Via No Clean Singing könnt ihr jetzt “Fire!” antesten. Der Titel stammt vom kommenden "Wardance" Album der griechischen Grind/Black Metaller STHENO. Das Album erscheint am 08.10.2021 via 7 Degrees Records (LP) und Chaos & Hell Productions (CD, MC).

Bei den Griechen ist aktuell Christian Chaco von KEITZER als Sänger tätig.

"Snafu (This time... we die!!)" könnt ihr hier antesten:

Stheno - "RPG" via YT: STEHNO - RPG

The album's 11 tracks blaze a trail of fury by way of blistering tremolo and battle-ready percussion. STHENO has blurred the boundaries between grindcore, black, death and other extreme strains of heavy metal since 2013. The band was founded by like-minded individuals among the Greek grind and crust scene with the intentions of creating harsh music while drawing inspiration from black and death metal without any regards, or limitations, to the structures surrounding each respective sub-genre.

Album tracklist:
1. Bestial Battalion
2. RPG
3. Deadly Camouflage
4. Fire!
5. Snake Eater
6. Zulu Time
7. Snafu (This time... we die!!)
8. Dishonored Bodybag
9. Military Discharge
10. Bite the Bullet
11. Bellum Internecinum
Alucard am 14.09.2021, 13:51