Musik - BONDED verkünden neues Album “Into Blackness”
 Die deutschen Thrash Metaller BONDED haben den Release ihres Nachfolgealbums “Into Blackness” bekannt gegeben, dass neue Album erscheint am 12.November über Century Media Records.

Die erste Singel “Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night” wurde heute veröffentlicht und kann HIER angetestet werden.

BONDED checked in with the following comment about the track: “We are happy and proud to present you a first song of the upcoming BONDED album “Into Blackness”. Entitled “Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night”, this track contains all of the musical trademarks by BONDED at once: It’s riff-oriented, fast, with plenty of tempo changes and displaying a permanent contrast between brutality and melody. The intense lead guitar dueling and above all the memorable, powerful vocal lines make this a great representation of the new album. And this song could almost be understood as the album’s title track, as it is lyrically part of the 4-track war-themed storyline centerpiece inspired by the fictional book “The Division Of The Damned” by Richard Rhys Jones. We hope you enjoy this first foretaste of the album…and look out, as there is more coming your way soon!”

BONDED, the group by former Sodom members Bernd “Bernemann” Kost (Guitars) and Markus “Makka” Freiwald (Drums) alongside second guitarist Chris Tsitsis (ex-Suicidal Angels), bassist Marc Hauschild and vocalist Ingo Bajonczak (Assassin), have decided to stick to their guns and once again collaborated with producer Cornelius Rambadt (Sodom, Disbelief, Onkel Tom) at the Rambado Recording Studio in Essen, Germany and also had Björn Gooßes / Killustrations (Aborted, The Crown, Carnal Forge) create the album’s artwork (To be seen above!), just like on their critically acclaimed “Rest In Violence” debut album from 2020, which entered the official album charts in Germany at # 84.

BONDED - “Into Blackness”

The Arsonist
Watch (While The World Burns)
Lilith (Queen Of Blood)
The Holy Whore
Division Of The Damned
Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night
Destroy The Things I Love
Final Stand
Ill-Minded Freak
Way Of The Knife
The Eyes Of Madness
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