Musik - GOAT TORMENT kündigen neues Album an und streamen ersten Titel
 Die belgischen blackened Deather GOAT TORMENT zeigen uns jetzt den ersten Titel aus dem kommenden ‘Forked Tongues’ Album. Das Werk soll am 29.Oktober erscheinen, den Titelsong könnt ihr HIER antesten.

GOAT TORMENT kommentieren: “Here is our first single and also the title track from our 3rd upcoming album “Forked Tongues.” This song is an example of what the album is about and what we are representing. Crushing, straightforward and no nonsense. New portals were opened in every aspect to shape the evolution of the band and together with our sound engineer, Jérémie Bézier, we got what we were aiming for!”

Pantheon Of Devourment
Disorder And Disruption
Forked Tongues
The Road To Oblivion
Deceitful Faith
Ravenous Ghouls
Charnel Houses
Alucard am 27.08.2021, 17:00