Musik - Mehenet zeigen Single aus "Ng'ambu"
 "Mehenet's vivid and authentic take on ritualistic black metal claws back the concept from the throngs of tepid imitators" - Invisible Oranges

Die Black Metaller MEHENET aus New Orleans veröffentlichen ihr neues Album "Ng'ambu" am 10.September via Gilead Media.
Hört euch die Single 'The Mystery of Nations' hier an:

Die zweite Single 'Dona Sete' gibts via Invisible Oranges:

"Five tracks of masterful, ritualistic, and pitch-black evil make up the entirety of Ng’ambu - an album which is meant to be interpreted as a hymnal to invoke and praise spirits - shows the band drenched in offerings to the bands personal connection and dedication to Quimbanda, the Afro-Brazilian diasporic belief system based around magic, rituals, and offerings."
Alucard am 21.08.2021, 17:01