Musik - Neues Soloprojekt von Floris (Asgrauw, Meslamtaea and Sagenland
 SCHAVOT, nennt sich das neue Soloprojekt von Floris (Asgrauw, Meslamtaea and Sagenland). Das Debutalbum "Galgenbrok" wird durch Void Wanderer Productions & War Productions als Digipack CD am 1.Oktober veröffentlicht. Das 37 minütige Album ist eine Reflektion von Floris zu seiner Liebe zur Natur, Folklore und der zweiten Welle des Black Metal.

As if multi-instrumentalist Floris wasn't busy enough (in the past two years he released four albums with his bands Asgrauw, Meslamtaea and Sagenland),
he still found the time and inspiration for a new solo project.
Thus Schavot was created in the year of the face mask (MMXX) and before you could say knife he had written, recorded and mixed eight songs for a full-length.
The only things he outsourced were the cover (a painting by Johan Prenger) and the master (by Tuianti) for the debut 'Galgenbrok'.

"Only the trees witnessed what happened in the distant past. Events, which to date are still told in folk tales. Old hollow oaks might whisper the story of witchcraft, perhaps they saw ‘Huttenkloas’ wandering the moors, looking for an unsuspecting merchant to rob and crush his skull with an axe. Torn old pines with dead branches might have seen the will-o'-the-wisps, that lured travelers into the depths of the marsh."

Schavot (Dutch for scaffold) breathes the atmosphere of nature, which can be rough and ruthless, but also magical and full of beauty.

1. Tussen Muren (5:29)
2. Galgenbult (4:17)
3. Witte Juffer (3:58)
4. Helleveeg (5:07)
5. Moerasland (4:27)
6. Droglicht (4:40)
7. Jammerklacht (3:22)
8. Rooftocht (4:29)
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