Musik - Neuer Drummer bei Bodyfarm ist David Schermann
 Gerade erst den Ausstieg vom langjährigen Drummer Quint bekannt gegeben und schon steht die Ankündigung des neuen Mann an den Drums bei Bodyfarm bereit.

Please welcome Mr. David Schermann on board, who many of you probably met on stage with bands like Grafjammer, Wesenwille or Wrang.
We are proud to have this very talented hammerhead in our ranks now! His skills & style together with his creative approach add some new dimensions to our music and the way he plays the old songs is with deep respect to the originals! And certainly not unimportant: he’s a very easy going and cool guy to work & party with!
Here’s what David has to say:
“Let me start with saying that I am very honoured to be given the chance to be a part of Bodyfarm. Coming from Amersfoort myself I know the band from the very beginning. So it feels special to be a part of it now. We have been working on new songs behind the curtain for the last few months and I cannot wait to play these songs live for the bands’ followers (alongside with the old bangers of course). To come to conclusion I want to thank Bram, Alex and Ralph for their trust in me! See you all on the road in the (hopefully near) future! “
After a turbulent period forced to work with different line-ups we are now very glad and confident to have a steady and brutally strong line-up again ready to crush your balls to the wall!
Meet you all at the battlefields!
Bodyfarm line-up:
Bram Hilhorst - guitar
Alex Seegers - guitar
Ralph de Boer - vocals, bass
David Schermann - drums
Exorzist am 19.07.2021, 20:35